Sunday, April 1, 2012

They're heeeeeeeeere!

My two cupcake cookbooks showed up in the mail yesterday!  While the gluten-free book isn't vegan, there is a section at the end that gives dairy-free and egg-free alternatives for the recipes, with only a few exceptions.  This gives me a lot of leeway when baking from both books.  I'll also be making the gluten free versions straight from the book for friends who are able to eat dairy, eggs, and nuts.  I have to get a pastry bag with tips and cupcake liners, but I have all the ingredients, so as far as that, I'm set.

The first cupcake recipe I'll be making is a simple vanilla cupcake with a vanilla buttercream frosting.  There are so many cupcakes of varying flavors, but I figured going basic would be a good start.  I'll be making them this week and I will post the photos.

Happy happy, joy joy!

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  1. To follow up, the vegan cookbook was disastrous. The first time I made them, they sank. I made the best out of them and made it frosting filled. It was good, but not very cupcake-like. I tried again because I thought that I may have added too much baking soda. Well, it was even worse. It was as thought it rose, then sank, then rose again. They were unrecognizable when I took them out. I had to throw out the whole thing.